College plans for two targeted power outages


How-to-Plan-for-a-Power-OutageShoreline Community College officials are planning two partial power outages now so that they can keep the electricity flowing later.

Facilities and Capital Projects Director Bob Roehl said targeted outages in four buildings on June 1 and June 15-18 will allow workers to replace some electrical panels, install a new transformer and test a new generator. The upgrades will ensure that the campus phone system will stay operational during unplanned outages and provide power to areas that would be communications and planning centers in the case of emergencies.

The areas impacted will be 1000, 1100, 1200 and 1300 buildings. The 1000 building houses the main administration offices while business offices are in the 1200 building. The 1100 and 1300 buildings are classrooms. During the outages, there will be no power for lights or computers although a temporary generator will keep the phone system operational.

June 1 is a Saturday and the disruption should be minimal. However, the second outage includes a Monday and Tuesday, June 17-18. Roehl is contacting the impacted employees and arranging temporary work accommodations. Signage will be posted on the buildings prior to and during the outages.

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