President Lambert calls for discussion on violence

Community Engagement

Recent tragic events provide an opportunity for all students, employees and visitors to the Shoreline Community College campus to review the emergency procedures and policies that are in place.

President Lee Lambert is asking the campus to do more.

“Reviewing our procedures is part of our daily work; it is expected,” Lambert said. “I would hope that the Connecticut shootings would prompt more than just a policy check, but spur thoughtful and thorough conversations about all the facets of such an event and the American experience with such violence.”

Lambert said those areas could include public safety, gun control, mental health and the effectiveness and implications of policies and actions in those areas and more.

“Using our college governance structure, I’m asking College Council to consider how such conversations might occur on our campus in a meaningful way,” Lambert said. “The College Council includes representatives from all campus constituencies and I’d hope any effort gives everyone an opportunity to be heard and learn if they so choose.”

Lambert noted that the college does have in place a variety of policies, procedures and resources related to emergencies of all kinds.

“Our goal is to promote a safe and welcoming environment to improve the quality of campus life for everyone learning and working at Shoreline Community College,” President Lee Lambert said. “We do this by working in partnership with the campus community to provide professional and effective campus safety.”

The college has in place a number of plans that outline procedures for general as well as specific emergency situations. Those plans include:

In addition, the college provides information in emergency situations, which may include campus-wide safety alerts. The college urges individuals to read the current emergency measures, including:

Pursuant to state law, the college restricts the possession of weapons, including firearms, on campus.

State law RCW 9.41 outlines restrictions regarding firearms and dangerous weapons.  All people in Washington are subject to the provisions of RCW 9.41. In addition, WAC 132G-120-015 prohibits students, employees and visitors from unlawful possession of firearms or any other weapons on campus.

To facilitate a quick response to any incident, the college has in place a Behavior Intervention Team. The team receives reports of inappropriate student behavior and determines whether or not to work with the student to address those issues and concerns. Instances of inappropriate behavior involving employees may result in referrals to the Employee Assistance Program or other resources.

In the event of an emergency on campus, the college uses a Web-based system to alert students and employees via e-mail and their choice of phone text and/or phone voice-mail. It is critical for the safety of all students and employees that they sign-up for the service at

To report an emergency situation, an individual may use any of the following options:

  • Dial 911 (Remember, calls from a campus phone line, require dialing a 9 first; dial 9-911. City of Shoreline police and/or Shoreline Fire Department personnel respond to the 911 calls from campus.
  • 206-235-5860 – On-campus security emergency number. A security officer is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Ext. 4499 from any on-campus phone, calls go directly to the officer on duty.
  • Non-emergency calls to 206-546-4633
  • Blue-Light Emergency Phones – At various locations across campus, calls from all campus emergency phones go directly to the officer on duty.
  • Emergency Call Box – Yellow box located outside the Security office, calls go directly to the officer on duty.

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