SCC literary magazine, Spindrift, wins national award

Accolades, Arts & Letters

Shoreline’s Literary Magazine, SPINDRIFT, has been accepting student art and literature since 1966 and has spindrift2012earned many awards over the years. Most recently, SPINDRIFT 2010 won FIRST place in the Community College Humanities Association’s Pacific-Western Division competition and was named a national winner in the CCHA Literary Magazine Competition. This is the second consecutive year for SPINDRIFT as the national winner, and the sixth year to place in either 1st or 3rd position in the regional competition.

Congratulations are in order for the following student editors who produced the book: Amanda Duong, Destiny Swift, Hannah Newman, Christian Stewart, and Sigourney Toyonaga. Humanities Faculty Advisors Mariam Merrin and Bob Hutchinson deserve extra praise for not only joining Spindrift organization during a budget-challenging year, but also leading the students to first place.

An award ceremony will take place at the CCHA conference at Seattle’s Hyatt Hotel on November 13, 2010.

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